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Coiled Rope Basket Kit Oval Organizer
# 1OOKIT15
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From Mountain Thread Company
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The Oval Organizer DIY Rope Basket Kit from The Mountain Thread Company sets you up to sew one of our most popular designs: the Oval Organizer Basket! This size of basket will make its own uses - collecting keys, holding phones or remote controls, organizing a desktop, or gifting a friend. Expect some variation, but the finished basket would measure around 5x11” and 3” deep. Make it even more unique by using up fabric scraps from old projects! This is a sewing machine project. Your sewing machine will need a zigzag stitch and be able to handle sewing something like jeans. 50wt high quality thread is also highly recommended. This intermediate level kit is ideal for the crafty sewist who is ready to build and develop new skills related to coiled rope basketry. Coiled rope basket projects are for sewists who are confident in steps like changing the machine needle, adjusting stitch length and width, and pivoting. This is a Do It Yourself Kit—no finished products are included.

  • Made of: 100% Cotton Braided Rope
  • Use: Coiled Rope Basketry
  • Size: 6-3/4in x 6-1/2in x 2in

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    Made in USA
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