Daylight Table Lamp White with Removable Arm
# U23020D
From Daylight Company
In Lighting & Magnifiers
The Swan Table Lamp provides an elegant touch to your desk with great functionality and quality. The EasyTwist™ shade with extra long flexi-arm neck reach 36cm/14" allows easy positioning of the powerful 18W energy saving light. The lamp also includes a crystal clear 1.75X magnification lens on a new longer removable flexi-arm 46cm/18". This lamp provides daylight™ technology which reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and also true color matching.

*Multi-functional floor lamp for all types of hobbies with wide and even spread of light

New wider base diameter 24cm/9½" (previously 22cm/8¾") for extra stability

*Optimal light direction with the unique 320° EasyTwist™ shade

*Powerful 18W daylight™ energy saving tube (300W equiv.)

*Lamp brightness 8.700 Lux at 15cm and 2.950 Lux at 30cm

*Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 1.200 lm

*Flicker-free light - work and read longer in comfort

*Natural daylight™ technology reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision

*True color correcting, mix and match colors accurately

*Supplied with daylight™ tube (U13621)

*Supplied with table base

120 volts.

Not in Chains