Twister Chasers - Softcover
# RGRB02
From Raggedy Ruth Designs
By Grihalva, Ruth
In Quilting
Master twister-style quilts with Raggedy Ruth's "Industrial Strength Method" as well you get 5 complete twister patterns included. Ruth shares her methods, tips and techniques with you. It is 40 pages in full color. The instructions are incredibly detailed - just like looking at a classroom demonstration, except no steps are skipped!

It includes 5 patterns that can be made in multiple sizes. Her method addresses right- and left-handed quilters, large projects, and how to recover when you drop, or otherwise mix, your stack of twister blocks!

The five patterns are her best selling ones:

*Initially Baby

*Hospitality Sweet

*Fly, Fly Away

*Wedding Ring Heart Twist

*Twisted Double Lone Star

All with Ruth's "Industrial Strength" method.

Not in Chains

Made in USA