DVD Free Motion Fun with Vines & Leaves!
From Patsy Thompson Designs
By Thompson, Patsy & Bode, Ernie
In Multimedia
If you’ve been intrigued by the graceful curves of vines or the intricate designs of leaves and wish to stitch them yourself, then this DVD is for you! With designs applicable to traditional quilts, contemporary quilts, and art quilts, this DVD is a step-by-step tutorial on the free motion stitching of a wide variety of vines as well as garlands of flowers and leaves. You will then learn how to add more interest to your vines and leaves through hyperquilting, or overquilting your stitched motifs with a high contrast decorative thread. Bring the garden of your fantasies to life with your sewing machine as you master these free motion designs and techniques!

Not in Chains

Made in USA